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Chicago Dan

Age: 26

Why Spurs? I like to think that Tottenham chose me rather than the other way around. I discovered Spurs as a 16 year old while playing football on tour in England. A pre-season friendly with Celtic (1-1) while sitting in the Paxton end of White Hart Lane was enough to spark a passion for the club that continues to grow. I first found an outlet for this passion with the great guys of the Chicago Spurs Supporters Club at The Globe Pub in Chicago. Since moving to London two years ago, I’ve found my new home in the South East corner of White Hart Lane.

Why not Arsenal? Because of my rather loud mouth and penchant for shouting at sporting events, I was told that I wouldn’t be welcome at their ground. Just as well, I never really did like the color Red anyway.

BIRTH. SPURS. DEATH. Right? Throw in my Chicago teams as well and I’ll agree with that!

Favourite player? Favorite ever: Robbie Keane. Currently: Bale and BAE

Two in the goo, one in the poo? Two in the Pink, one in the Stink!

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