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Age: 31

How did you become a part of The Fighting Cock? Thoroughly enjoyed listening to the first few shows so decided to try and get involved by randomly making this website. Fired a link over to the team, they liked it, I was hired. Apparently Mark Zuckerberg made a similar pitch but his website was “shit”.

Why Spurs? According to Google maps I live 170+ miles from Tottenham, so I can’t claim they’re my local team. All my family is from London though and I have my Uncle to thank for ensuring I grew up a northern Spurs supporter.

Why not Arsenal? hahahahaha. Thank you, I haven’t laughed like that for some time.

BIRTH. SPURS. DEATH. Right? In an ideal world. Stuff like family and friends gets in the way of it though.

Favourite player? Right now? Gareth Bale. I play left-wing for my local pub team and I see so many of my qualities in Gareth. Of all time? I think Gazza, I love that crazy pisshead.

Two in the goo, one in the poo? I prefer the DVDA approach.

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