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"Yid" chanting...

Discussion in 'Tottenham Hotspur' started by tehTrunk, 17 Apr 2012.


Yid chants, offensive?

  1. Yes

    23 vote(s)
  2. No

    278 vote(s)
  1. VirginiaSpur


    What are they going to do, put charges up against everyone in the stadium?


  2. truetomyself


    It definitely doesn't come from words though. Words are not the problem. They are neutral.
    Anyone who fights -isms by fighting words is barking up the wrong tree.
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  3. No but they'll pick out whoever is in the handheld video the stewards make, charge a few and use them as examples.

    Big fucking brother of the worst kind, the kind used to prosecute free speech.
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  4. Yid7


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  5. eggsoakley


  6. 78Spur



    If you look at it logically you can't arrest 33000 fans, so the likely thing is they will put out a couple of warnings out and if it didn't stop then games will have to be played behind closed doors. Not what I want to happen but that would make the most sense.
  7. ArcspacE

    ArcspacE Chicken Tonight's Nemesis

  8. gaz


    you just know some unfortunate cunt will be made a scapegoat and lose his ST
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  9. LLB Part Deux

    LLB Part Deux Armchair fan. I fucking love armchairs.

    My throat will be sore from chanting Yid army during the Chelsea game and I fully expect the majority of 33000 other people to be in the same boat.
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  10. Audere

    Audere Closed Account

  11. Don't be a fucking idiot. Like you said, that post was from aaaaages ago and you've taken one post out of context of the rest of the debate that was going on at the time.

    Did you also read my post about how I'd spoken to Jewish people who had heard it chanted outside pubs and on trains and had been offended by it? i.e. outside the context of the football stadium? Did you read my post about how someone was offended by a Yid tattoo?

    I know we shouldn't just kow-tow to anyone who finds something offensive, but we can certainly be sensitive to it when it comes to race and religion, because of the history of genocide and oppression. Isn't that how this whole thing started - because Spurs fans were offended by the term being used by opposition fans? If so, then it's not surprising that people (especially outside the context of the football stadium) are still offended by it.

    For what it's worth, my stance has softened on the issue. Within the stadium, where pretty much everybody knows the context of how the word is being used, I cease to have much of a problem with it, because it's obvious what the fans mean.

    However, it's still very uncomfortable to watch people's reactions on trains when a load of drunk Spurs supporters are chanting Yid songs. THAT is my opinion and there's no need to be so aggressive.

    The problem is that this debate is always one-sided on a Spurs forum because we all understand the context of how the word is used. Outside of Spurs fans, there is much less understanding.

    @BushHillSpurs - It's like you just have to be confrontational for the sake of it. Don't patronise my intelligence. I could take it from most people, but not from you. You've shown your true colours many times and I can't engage in conversation with you. Instead of intelligently responding to that post from 18 months ago (or whenever it was), you resort to saying 'get a grip' and 'grow a pair'. Basically, you are just showing a lack of ability to debate.
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  12. Johnboy40


    I think, there is a natural opposition the stop using the word when the one of the chief architects of said opposition is a chav supporter...who have always been high up the table of anti semitic abuse. It comes across as deflecting attention from the fact that he associates with a collection of racist anti semitic scumbags once a fortnight.(we should never forget, or allow them to forget, that they had to remind their supporters in the programme that they are owned by a Jew, to try and cut the abuse down)

    The debate is one for the Jewish community (which is not represented by David Baddiel), the club and the supporters groups. I'm not Jewish, so I have no right to comment on it. If , after discussions, the club and supporters groups request we stop using it, I will stop using it.

    But if anyone seriously believes that Spurs fans not chanting the word will suddenly stop anti semitic abuse of spurs supporters and stop others using the word as a form of abuse, then they live in the same fantasy land as Baddiel does. and that's why this is destined to fail, IF they did succeed in stopping home supporters chanting it, away supporters at WHL still will.
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  13. Without reading every post I can tell you what it means in Yiddish. It is a term of friendship like "pal" or "mate", and is not offensive. It has is only considered offensive in this country because certain people have used it in an offensive way. Like many words, it's not the word, it's how it is used.
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  14. Your best post ever. Within the stadium is very different from outside it.
  15. THST's response:

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  16. escher


    Unfortunately we live in times where anti-semitism is a real issue, and frankly, the "yid" chant is a bit silly, I mean anyone over 30 chanting it looks a little foolish to be honest. If it were just a harmless chuckle, an in-joke, then no problem, but there are too many ugly incidents with rival supporters (or just random thugs) where anti-semitism is involved. So it's not really harmless fun. Most of the supporters chanting it aren't jewish, so it's only good manners to respect the wider jewish community who find it unpleasant.
  17. Audere

    Audere Closed Account

    One time I was in band camp, hang on no i wasn't. I was in a pub near london bridge on a match day. Well on my way to a pub in London bridge and from a distance I heard yid army! Yid army! I didn't reply as its not really my thing this yid army song and it was quite good a job I didn't as it was 4 chavlington thugs trying to find 'some fucking Jew' to smack. That's what they said as they passed me.

    So whilst we may have taken ownership, use it as a badge of honour etc its just a red rag to a stupid cunt in the real world. Look at last season abroad.

    As I said I don't care either way what happens so long as no spurs fan gets arrested for saying it. I just think the point has been made and we are not a yid army. Not by a long chalk.
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  18. 1882



    Saturday will be an interesting one....

    Seeing as it's Yom Kippur, anyone inside the ground who is deeply personally offended due to their Jewish heritage, PROBABLY shouldn't be at a football match in the first place on our religion's most sacred day!
    I may be Jewish by birth, but I certainly don't believe in God (sorry any 'God fans' out there) so to pretend to be religious for one day would smack of hypocrisy on my part...
    That said, I'm proud of my Jewish heritage, and respect the history and traditions it brings with it... and ironically enough, that includes having learned about the TRUE origins of words such as 'Yiddisher' and YID!

    ....plus I have a ticket, and wouldn't miss it for the world!
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  19. Audere

    Audere Closed Account

    I'm seeing double here.

    4 of the same posts from @1882
  20. Dannyboy


    This again.

    What more can be said that hasn't already?

    Nothing will change, some will remain vehemently opposed to it. Some won't. Some will refuse to understand the context, some won't.

    What I really want is for The Society of Black Lawyers to release a statement that every single piece of music, every film and any poem that has words deemed offensive to be removed from society post haste....and for Eminem, who I believe to be a Caucasian (can't say white) to cease recording music right away.
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