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West Ham fans?

Discussion in 'Tottenham Hotspur' started by Smoked Salmon, 23 Nov 2012.

  1. OZHotspur


    Yid army!

  2. 1882


    I really don't get the denial of our rivalry in some Spurs quarters, it's like they're having to 'stoop' to West Ham's petty little level by declaring ourselves as rivals... rivals are rivals, be it geographically (which we are) or historically (which we also are) ... rivals don't necessarily have to be equals, just look at Leeds & Man Utd... geographically, they have closer 'options' and in terms of current league status, they're a division apart... but historically, they go way back... and you don't think for one minute that Man Utd don't get 'a little bit more' geed up when they've played (in the cups) in recent years... course they do! It doesn't harm their masculinity to admit having a lower league rival!

    The other thing is, you're allowed to have MORE than one!! West Ham clearly have Millwall and Chelsea, and we're probably number 'free on their list!
    Likewise, we, of course have Woolwich & Chelsea, but West Ham aren't that far behind...

    I see West Ham as rivals purely down to what I grew up understanding... and funnily enough, the Chelsea 'rivalry' in those days was probably more akin to how some see ours and West Ham's these days... when THEY were in the lower leagues (oh yeah kids, Chelsea were proper shit once!) and Spurs/West Ham/Arse were the 3 main London clubs, you're not telling me that any combination of those games wouldn't have an extra little edge to it?

    A cup Quarter Final; Spurs v West Ham... midweek, White Hart Lane...
    blimey, if you can't get yourself going for that, there's summit seriously wrong!!
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  3. AlMacca_


    spot on there never understood why some Spurs feel the need to deny the rivalry. We hate them they hate us, just like it should be.
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  4. Eskimo

    Eskimo 'you middle class out of touch cunt!'

    I'm guessing its only the 'young uns' that deny it, a bit like woolwich used to claim we weren't rivals with them a few years back.
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  5. Smoked Salmon

    Smoked Salmon Closed Account

    Rivals by definition, but for me a true enemy is defined by how much I can get worked up by their achievements, our defeats to them or how excited I am when the fixture rolls around to be played. For the most part my attitude to Spam has always been a bit "meh". I just don't care. I could never say the same about Woolwich or Chelsea, even if either were relegation battlers. Hell, I care more about what's happening with Man U and Lolerpool more than I do Spam.

    So rivals maybe, but just not ones who register much with me at all. I think a lot of Spurs fans feel that way.
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  6. AlMacca_


    I would have agreed fully there but then Smoked Salmon popped up so it can't only be young fans!! Although you are right it's mainly younger fans that go on as if they don't care.
  7. MKYid


    I don't consider Wham as rivals and I am happy to say that to the faces of Spam fans that I know....but only because it pisses them off no end!!! :roflmao:
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  8. gaz


    I don't either. From their point of view I would have thought their hatred would be reserved for woolwich for historical reasons
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  9. Mensa


    I think a lot of it is due to the fact that we know they wont do anything / achieve anything so they are kept in a nice box we dont care about, like Chelsea were for years before the billions when they had furlong and stein up front, nobody cared. West Ham always fun to laugh at as they are always us 10 years behind

    Liverpool really get on my nerves at the moment, I have always had a soft spot for united, very much in the same vein as Barca, because if it wasnt for them god knows how many more trophies Chelscum and Woolwich would have
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  10. Mad Yid

    Mad Yid

    I consider them rivals but I've alot more hatred for woolwich and then cheatski.

    edit: also to add I think most people living in London during the glory years of English hooliganism will have a stronger rivalry/hatred with them for obvious reasons than those from elsewhere....
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    Last edited: 2 Dec 2013
  11. Is this one of those complete the sentence threads ? as in.. West Ham fans...........

    Are Dirty, Filthy, Odious, Rancid, In-humane, Wank Stains.
    There's my answer, hope it helps.
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  12. n17troops

    n17troops Closed Account

    agree but with them i think the industriast work of mr tanner and his merry men have knocked of there pedalstal and its get up there nose sorry for the pun no offence intented:windy:
  13. the rivalry has got stronger over the last few years because the working class core support of both clubs
    has moved from its traditional areas to londons outer suburbs & further out home counties "new towns" where the fans are more mixed together.
    I can remember a time when there was a love in between both sets of fans with mutual respect... then the mid to late 70's came along!
    I hate these cunts with a passion.... there a little club & there fans are a minor spunk stain on the clitoris of life.

    the one thing you can guarantee though is we only tend to shoot ourselves in the foot!.. they attempt to cut off there own heads.
    as for 30 years undefeated... complete bollocks...
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  14. n17troops

    n17troops Closed Account

  15. West Ham fans based on their behaviour at the match in October - Anti-sematic, Hooligan and Racist C U Next Tuesday's is all I can say about them.

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  16. n17troops

    n17troops Closed Account

    Utube west ham fans behaving disgracefully ,37 secs in,check the fat pikey cunt in flat cap white shirt trying to eat ,the police horse:windy:
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  17. n17troops

    n17troops Closed Account

    Alfie moon looked like a complete cunt in that pikey irons t shirt .i hope kat gives him a dose:windy:
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  18. I've seen it, f***ing pikey cunts.

    I'm sure they will get another Police escort to the ground from WHL station. I'm expecting their hooligan lot to throw missiles, bottles etc. at Spurs fans and members of the public, just like the last match.

    I hope we smash them big time, it should be an amazing night at WHL in a couple of weeks. I will be there singing for the lads in Block 32. COYS
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    Last edited: 2 Dec 2013
  19. n17troops

    n17troops Closed Account

    Remember last night game those cunts rolled up at 4.30 smashing up pubs .Your club needs you:windy:ticket or not turn out
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  20. west ham are the team i most want to beat, they get to me more than Woolwich, chelsea, whoever. To me this is the game i get most worked up about, and this particular league cup tie for me will be the biggest game of the season so far.

    It's a shame things turned out the way they did, in the 60s they didn't bother me, but west ham fans for whatever reason decided to hate us en masse. so for me, having heard/read all the vile abuse they pour out towards us, i just always want us to win so much.
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