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West Ham fans?

Discussion in 'Tottenham Hotspur' started by Smoked Salmon, 23 Nov 2012.

  1. Smoked Salmon

    Smoked Salmon Closed Account

    What is it with their perceived rivarly and this notion from them that we are their biggest enemies? I'm been hearing this shit from loads of them for over a decade. I once has an argument with a bloke who said that I, as a Spurs fan, was talking shit, by saying the rivarly wasn't seen the same way by us!!

    It's like they are without an opposite (such as we have Woolwich) so that have picked us out of the London clubs, and have now deluded themselves into thing we are a two way conflict.

    It's terribly sad really, but where does it come from? The old holligan days maybe?

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  2. HyNdZee


    No doubt our main rivalry goes Woolwich, Chelsea, then West Ham. Even if you are talking in terms of hooligan elements, Chelsea are still the priority over West Ham.

    West Ham's rivalry goes Millwall, Tottenham, then Chelsea so they have to cling on to us more, especially in this league. Problem for them is they can't even stay in the league and end up giving all their players away to their so-called rivals.

    That's what it has really been about in recent years, they are pissed off about being a feeder club and know more Spurs fans than fans of any other team near them.
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  3. SadlerTHFC


    Fuck West Ham.

    Cheers for Defoe, Carrick, Kanoute and Parker though.

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  4. S.L.R


    When I grew up in Essex, the majority of football fans seemed to be either Spurs or Spammers. Maybe catchment area has been part of it over the years. But they don't seem to hold any animosity for the scum. So I think the main part of it is they just really, really think we're cunts.

    I reckon anti-Semitism has played a part too.

    I don't like them, at all. But they're no more exciting a derby than QPR, to me. In fact, maybe less, for some reason. Just can't bring myself to care about them. I did laugh when they went down though, knowing they'd get their beloved nawty derby back with scumwall.
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  5. Its a jealousy rivalry - they've got nothing. Depending where you live in London or to the east you have to cross West Ham country to get to WHL.
  6. tricky

    tricky Man up and LOL Supporter

    It's all about Stratford, they are just pissed we ruined it for them. :levylol:

    Can't really be anything historical, as very few seem to have the cognitive ability to think back any further than pre-fat sam.
  7. duspurs


    Didn't they win the world cup once? :baletroll:
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  8. and thanks for taking Zamora, Etherington and Davenport off our hands
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  9. Dannyboy


    You know when you're eating crisps, sometimes a crumb might end up on your T-shirt which you don't notice for ages. When you do eventually notice it, you might flick it away with either some kind of disdain or perhaps utter indifference (if you don't eat it)...and that is how I feel about West Ham...an utter non-entity.
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  10. I have this friend who's a WH fan and he doesn't stop banging on about his hatred for us and he even reckons the game between us is a bigger derby than Woolwich.. LOL
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  11. Rocky


    Remember going to watch Northampton V West Ham for a mid-week cup game in the late 90's.
    Spammers sang anti-spurs (and anti-semitic) songs continuously until they went one nil down, then they all shut up.
    Then at two nil down they all left... had to laugh! :D
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  12. Anthony Beale

    Anthony Beale

    Some idiot i went to school with (in WEST London) was die hard Spammer, and would always try and start shit with me, but its really pitiful tbh. the season they got relelgated he'd still be banging on about West Ham, and how theyre a better team, like it would wind me up? but id just sit there like... You're going to get relegated? you arent even worthy of my time, let alone banter. this geezer probably spent every day of his life trying to prove Wet Spam is a better team than the mighty Tottenham Hotspur...

    i probably said about 2 things to him. "Youre going to get relelgated/ got relegated" and "youre just a feeder club"

    in summary, West ham fans are fucking pathetic and jealous. They've watched too much Green Street...(which by the way is a terrible film...)
  13. Kris

    Kris Europa League ain't so bad

    Chim chimmery chim chim cher roo, I hate those bastards in claret and blue!
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  14. Best mate's a Spammer. Triffic banter.
  15. MKYid


    I've always envisaged it as something along the lines of.... 2 kids, cousins maybe, about 12 years old, one in Red, one Spurs, having a chat about football and a bit of a laugh and some banter about who's the best etc. But trying to join in, trying to get involved, is some snot-nosed little pikey scruff bag. 7 years old but with a 5 year old Claret and Blue gravy stained top, socks round his ankles, manky old plaster on his knee, name calling, running over giving someone a kick and scarpering again, just trying to get a reaction from someone, hoping someone will just notice him when the truth is, no-one fucking cares!

    I dunno. Maybe it's because I grew up with Woolwich supporting cousins who about my own age, apart from my snot-nosed younger cousin...who wasn't actually West Ham but should/could have been!

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  16. Taricco


    They just cry because they're shit and keep on getting relegated. I see it as little team syndrome when they try and give it out and prove themselves.... Well done, fine sir. You won the world cup, got relegated x 5 and you have some shit castle turret lego models outside your ground....f*ck off!
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  17. Smolik


    I was so lucky not to end up as West Ham.

    When I was about 5 my grandad (on my mum's side) bought me a West Ham shirt, the next day my Dad came home from work with a Spurs shirt for me and the West Ham shirt mysteriously disappeared, never to be seen again.
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  18. Spurs1985



    Growing up in north london I couldn't care for west ham either way as I didn't know any hammers fans.as I've got older ive come across 3 that I'd now class as mates.still I see them as just another game although Sunday will be there cup final,but to be honest they are a very very distant third in our rivals pecking order behind the scum and the chavs.i would say the reason for there hatred towards us is because we've got big fan base in the same areas,such as Waltham Forest and out Essex way!
  19. Spurs1985


    I've noticed recently that them and chelski seem to be having some sort of loving.although I have also noticed that they seem to be gaining a hatred towards qpr and that might intensify more now that Harry seems to be going there.let them have a rivalry with qpr and leave us the hell Alone,qpr are more on there level anyway!
  20. 8colespurs8


    I'm from Essex and I know plenty of WH fans. They really do see it as a massive game. I think everyone's summed it up really. The rivalry between the firms has a part to play. As well as jealousy for plenty of reasons

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