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TFC Minibus/partybus thread

Discussion in 'Tottenham Hotspur' started by Park Lane James, 19 Dec 2012.

  1. Park Lane James

    Park Lane James Johan Cruyff is a football genius

    We have discussed this in another thread, but just wanted to see how many people would be up for potentially going to some away games in a minibus together? The best thing would be to start in London so people from other locations could meet in one central venue.

    I, for one, am put off by certain away games due to the cost of trains etc - but would be more than happy to chip in towards a minibus!

    I'll add prices every so often just to keeps things rolling.

    Thrifty 16 seat minibus for the day - £145.96

    Potential games:

    - West Brom away (although that is usually cheap): 3rd February
    - Liverpool away: 9th March
    - Swansea away: 30th March
    - Wigan away: 27th April
    - Stoke away: 12th May

    So far we have the following that are interested in travelling:

    Myself, GingerTom, 8colespurs8 (+ four mates potentially), InsideN17, Smolik, wiltshirespur, eggsoakley, almacca + boyfriend, sunglassesron + boyf, ramsingh

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  2. Im up for that. I keep asking round at 1882/get togethers about an away day. Any of those sound like a plan to me. Swansea would be good although the ground is in the middle of nowhere.
  3. Thelonious

    Thelonious aka Thelonious World Peace The Fighting Cock

    add the names of those interested to the OP Park Lane James, also, if people are interested in driving, add their names also.

    Also, if you guys know of any helpful links, put them up and PLJ can add it to the OP.

    Be lucky gents. :)
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  4. Park Lane James

    Park Lane James Johan Cruyff is a football genius

    Good idea Thelonious - everyone tell me if you're interested (in any game, specifics can be filled in at a later date) and I'll add it to the OP. I'll try and get some prices and we can work from there?
  5. Smolik


    Count me in
  6. been looking for something like this! I'm in!
  7. Park Lane James

    Park Lane James Johan Cruyff is a football genius

    Does anyone know what hire companies are like with regards to people bringing alchohol etc on board? And, for that matter, if you can do the same if you employ a driver?
  8. Smolik


    Can we request what flavour we want the windows to be?
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  9. Park Lane James

    Park Lane James Johan Cruyff is a football genius

    Unfortunately not, but safety helmets are all covered in the cost
  10. eggsoakley


    I would be up for games like Swansea and Liverpool, i wouldn't drive as I like the sweet taste of a can of heineken.

    Wigan and Stoke away is far to easy by train, can normally get 20 return and only a few stops after Euston.
  11. Park Lane James

    Park Lane James Johan Cruyff is a football genius

    That depends on how early you book. If you don't, then Stoke is about £30 return IIRC. But yeah, I know what you mean.
  12. Blanchflower


    Never travelling to a game by car/bus ever again after getting stuck on the M6 on the way to Wigan last season.

    Sat Nav said we'd arrive at 1.45, crash happens just ahead of us and we sit stationary until 4.40 - so missed the entire game, turned around at the next junction, got a Burger King, went home.
  13. Park Lane James

    Park Lane James Johan Cruyff is a football genius

    My mates were caught up on that, gruesome!
  14. I got a return by train for £30 for that. Missed the first goal looking at a text, second having a wee. Was NOT happy.
  15. Kris

    Kris Europa League ain't so bad

    If you're willing to have a yout tag along - sign me up.

  16. in this day and age kid you're shit out of luck; operation Yewtree are on one.
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  17. spooky

    spooky The Fighting Cock

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  18. AlMacca_



    yeah I'll definitely be up for it, count me + my mate in.
  19. Me and my mate too.
  20. 8colespurs8


    I'm in + at least 4 to certain games. Also minibus/coach. I reckon we could get enough people for certain games. Even if everyone isn't from here, everyone on here has friends/family who also have friends etc

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