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Spurs in Hong Kong for 2013 Barclays Asia Trophy

Discussion in 'Tottenham Hotspur' started by DanInHK, 18 Jan 2013.

  1. DanInHK


    Greetings fellow Yids.

    This probably doesn't apply to a lot of people, but with the news that Spurs will be taking part in this years Barclays Asia Trophy against Man Citeh, Sunderland and a local team in Hong Kong, I thought it couldn't hurt giving some information for anyone thinking of heading eastwards during the summer.

    The tournament itself isn't till July but of course with the news officially released yesterday us HK Spurs are all buzzing.

    There is a vibrant and active groups of spurs supporters over here, and we're obviously looking forward to welcoming Yids from all round the world who make the journey.

    The tournament was held here last time round in 2011 featuring Chelsea, Villa, Blackburn and a local team.

    Based on that edition, I can give the following info.

    First off, a rough prediction of the fixtures (All times are in HK local time, BST +7).

    Wednesday 24 July
    6pm KO: Spurs vs Sunderland
    8:30pm KO: Man City vs South China AA

    Saturday 27 July
    6pm KO: South China AA vs Sunderland
    8:30pm KO: Spurs vs Man City

    (Obviously Saturday's games are based on the assumption both we and Shitty win our games on Wednesday).

    Some ticket info from the 2011 Barclays Asia Trophy:

    Ticket prices for each match day in Hong Kong dollars (with all British prices an approximation) were: $130 (£10), $210 (£16.50), $270 (£21), $330 (£26), $460 (£36).

    Ticket sales started from 1 June 2011 at Hong Kong Football Association and online at http://www.cityline.com.

    More than two thirds of the 80,000 tickets available were purchased by Hong Kong football fans after just five days.

    I'm guessing the 2013 version would be something similar to that.

    If you have any questions about the Tournament, Spurs in Hong Kong or Hong Kong lemme know and I'll do my best.


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  2. I don't speak Korean though.
  3. Nah I'm just fuckin with ya. My buddy went to Hong Kong a couple weeks ago said it was the tits. Might have to look into it. Never been to Asia and have been meaning to.
  4. DanInHK


    It's a great laugh, mate. We had Spurs over for a friendly in 2009 and it was a fucking awesome weekend. This time round, with TWO games - and against decent opposition this time, it'll be week long mentalism.

    Tram parties, massive drinking sessions, and, oh aye, a bit of football watching too!
  5. DanInHK


    Here's what happened last time Spurs came to Hong Kong (2009). Check out 35 seconds in for the TottenhamHK lads. Also the first goal by the local team is a bit of a peach too.

  6. DanInHK


    Saturday tickets pre-sale is sold-out. Wednesday pre-sale is still available.

    If you missed out on the Saturday pre-sale, then tomorrow you can try and get tickets in the general public sale at cityline.com/eng/main.html

    Try for these blocks on Saturday: North Stand either blocks 136 or 101 that's basically in our block too, we have block 137-139. You can see from the map below, that they're pretty close.



    Sorry for the radio silence, not had any news myself until today!

    Tickets are now on pre-sale for Spurs fans for the next 24 Hours, before going on general sale tomorrow morning at 9am Hong Kong Time (+7 UK time).

    Tickets are HK$550 (about £46) for both days (Wednesday evening and Saturday afternoon), which gets you entry to the semi finals Spurs vs Sunderland, Man City vs South China. And the 3/4 playoff and finals.

    PM for details if you're interested in attending! Would be of particular interest if you already live in Greater China/Asia area, or just fancy a visit to Hong Kong!

    In addition to the games, we are likely to arrange an evening with Stefan Freund, Tony Parkes, and possibly Ledley!
  7. It's guaranteed to be fun. Loads of people came out from England back in 2009 and many are still nursing hangovers from then :dwi:
  8. Tickets went on sale yesterday (31.5.13) at 10am Hong Kong time. I spent many hours on a congested website (Cityline) but eventually got my tickets for both days at 8.30pm Hong Kong time. If any of you are thinking of purchasing tickets you can still get available ones for the 24th July. The final on the 27th, they are saying that they are sold out at 9am 1.6.13. Hopefully more will be made available at some time but don't bank on it. It is a fairly easy travel for me as I live on Koh Samui in Thailand. COYS

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