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Premier League Table 1st January 2012 to 31st December 2012

Discussion in 'Tottenham Hotspur' started by MyFootbalFacts, 30 Dec 2012.

  1. Here is the Premier League Table for all matches played during the 2012 calendar year...



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  2. SpursLegend


    Not bad when you consider we showed relegation form for 3 months.
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  3. How did Chelsea play 3 less games? other than the Southampton one, I can't remember whatever games they might not have played.
  4. SpursLegend


    Because at the turn of the year last year, they'd played 2 more games than us in the league.
  5. They played the Club World Cup
  6. That was only one game they missed
  7. Of course, the Everton game which was postponed, not sure why they'd played 2 more though? maybe they played new years eve and we didn't.
  8. SpursLegend



    They played New Years' Eve, we played New Years' Day.
  9. Blanchflower


    Villa's goal difference!! :dawsonwtf:
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  10. ChrisOTDH


    And 40% of that was last week alone!
  11. Pyro_era


    not sure where else to put this but this is 'whoscored's premier league team of the season so far:

    1 chav
    1 cunt
    3 yids

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  12. Cazorla, Suarez and RVP.

    3 cunts.

    Chico is pretty close to being a cunt as well.
  13. How is this worked out? because how the fuck is Rafael in it when he's in a team that regularly concedes and gets yanked early by his own manager.
  14. chimaira


    And I do believe Lennon deserves to be in the first eleven ahead of Mata.
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