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History Norwegian minister of finance

Discussion in 'Tottenham Hotspur' started by Norwegian_Yid, 5 Mar 2013.

  1. I interviewed him today for the Norwegian THFC magazine. What a great guy! Been Spurs since 1962 and knew everything about THFC.

    Told me he was a part of the pitch invasion at WHL in 1977 when we got relegated singing "we'll be back", and at that time he was already a member of the parliament.

    The King of Norway is also a Spurs fan, and the minister of finance told me the two of them often talk about Spurs when they meet.

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  2. ArcspacE

    ArcspacE Chicken Tonight's Nemesis

    Did you ask him how we can structure the Damiao deal?
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  3. Brilliant stuff NY, and realy great to hear of our illustrious fans :thumbup:
  4. Guido


    Hhhmmmm...........do you think he has logged in here? What would his avitar and tag be?
  5. Raitei


    Tag would be Norswaggin!
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  6. RSpurs


    So could Norway take shares in the club? People tend to forget it's an oil rich country...

    Great story, Norwegian_Yid, much appreciated :thumbup:
  7. He was Paydro.
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  8. Éperons


    In retrospect, the Queen Mum's avatar was a dead giveaway.
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  9. Carlito Brigante

    Carlito Brigante SPURSY

    Even if we relocated over there and with support of the king....we still probably wouldnt win the league in my lifetime. :defoe:
  10. Smoked Salmon

    Smoked Salmon Closed Account

    I'd love to know why it is that Spurs are so big in Norway. Hell, even my ex-brother in law followed us. What started it?

  11. They started showing English football on telly in 1969 in Norway and Sweden. That was when it all started, but I have met a few Norwegians who started following Spurs in 1951.

    Spurs are very big over here, but all English football clubs got a sizeable following in this country. Even clubs like Barnet and Dagenham&Redbridge got their own supporter clubs. Leeds' supporters club is twice as big as Chelsea's, by the way.
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  12. Wally


    The Scandinavian countries started broadcasting british football early, think it was in the late sixties. The swedish host, who came up with the idea, was a Spurs supporter, so if there was a choice between games many times Spurs was chosen. However, I'm not sure there are more Spurs supporters than fans of other clubs, at least not here in Sweden. Because british football has been broadcasted here for so long, and been very popular the whole time, there are a lot of supporters of teams that not considered "big" nowadays or even in the higher divisions. Norway has had a few players representing Spurs so that has probably made a mark there.

    Edit. 7 mins too late...
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  13. Nutter-Naylor


    Does he remember me? ;)
  14. pleb

    pleb Its a beautiful thing Supporter

    His name is King!!!!!
  15. ArcspacE

    ArcspacE Chicken Tonight's Nemesis

    Was he part of your circle?

  16. Nutter-Naylor


    No. Just that i, along with thousands of others, were also in the pitch. Dont recall any Norwegians though!
  17. Wasn't there that time, but I was there when we beat Leeds to stay up two years previously. No stewards stopping us getting onto the pitch back then (and no life ban).

    Maybe he was there that night? But it was midweek, so probably not.
  18. TED

    TED Closed Account


    Well done,.. excellent.. thank you :holtbytongue:
  19. Met him outside The Lane yesterday. He was gutted
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  20. jimmyriggle


    Does he have a Scottish/Scouse/brum accent like Kalyl

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