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News from a friend who supports Spurs living in Rome.

Discussion in 'Tottenham Hotspur' started by steventhfc, 22 Nov 2012.

  1. Just posted this on Spurscommunity so it's a cut and paste job.

    Right, if you follow me on Twitter (@StevenLDN) sorry if that seems like a shameless plug, I've been posting details that my mate Giane has been filling me in on via Whatsapp.

    The attack on the drunken ship along with the throwing of tear gas/gas canisters was pre-planned as an "anti semetic" message his apartment is directly across from the pub and he could hear them shouting stuff about Mussolini and Hitler and gassing jews.

    Along with that the convoy shuttle buses to the stadium were branded with Tottenham stuff on them so that the Spurs fans could tell which coaches to get, but they had to pull them and put unbranded coaches on as the Lazio fans, if you can call them that were targeting the bus with missiles and rocks, etc.

    He works in a private practioners and was sent to the main hospital as he was one of the few English speaking doctors and checked on a few Spurs fans, he said that an awful lot of them had injuries from curved blades, which is basically what Lazio ultras use to basically stab you and brand you with, utter scum the lot of them. If anything more happens I'll post it and keep you guys filled in.

    This picture isn't for the squeamish among you.


  2. Thelonious

    Thelonious aka Thelonious World Peace The Fighting Cock

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  3. HyNdZee


    Just as well. It's the same pic that you posted earlier.
  4. Smoked Salmon

    Smoked Salmon Closed Account

    Spurscommunity. :thumbdown:
  5. Shh, I'm just keeping people updated haha.
  6. Kuato


    Azrael, is that you, babs?
  7. Smoked Salmon

    Smoked Salmon Closed Account

    No Lanh....!
  8. AlMacca_


    That picture isn't a Spurs fan. Definitely not the Ashley Mills guy...
  9. VirginiaSpur


    Nobody is saying that it's Ashley Mills, but it is supported by eyewitness reports of the attack that one fan had sustained a large gash across their head.
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  10. AlMacca_


    I've seen tweets from people saying there is absolutely no proof that that picture is connected to incidents in Rome. I'm pretty sure someone would have known the fella and talked about it if it was a Spurs boy.

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