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New Spurs kit (unveiled July 12)

Discussion in 'Tottenham Hotspur' started by MaverickStunts, 26 Oct 2011.

  1. Éperons


    Re: New Spurs kit

    Loads to be skeptical about in this shirt. I'll save my hate for once it's corroborated. Though I'll start by saying not "who are we, Vasco da Gama?", but, rather, "that badge is terribly placed".

  2. Luda


    Re: New Spurs kit

    The fuck is this? The crest isn't even centred in the diagonal.
  3. Chadwicks


    Re: New Spurs kit

    I think that has to be a fake. I've seen this same design over a year ago on another blog when UA was first announced. I will try to track it down...
  4. Chadwicks


  5. Smoked Salmon

    Smoked Salmon Closed Account

    Re: New Spurs kit

  6. philyjc


    Re: New Spurs kit

    Our new third kit


    :baletroll: :akabusi: :adegrin:
  7. Ksaw92


    Re: New Spurs kit

    I'm literally buying a Bayern shirt on eBay right now, so I can wear it to the bar on saturday. COYFS (come on you fucking sneijder)
  8. sammyspurs


    Re: New Spurs kit

    If we get a sash, I'll be fuming.....however we did achieve 4th the other year with yellow piss streaks, so..
  9. VirginiaSpur


    Re: New Spurs kit

    Yea, I fucking hate sashes.
  10. Re: New Spurs kit

    I think that looks like a training top tbh
  11. Re: New Spurs kit

    Here is the Estudiantes kit, theyre a mexican club:

  12. philyjc


    Re: New Spurs kit

    This one is nice and simple though its probably fake or just a training top.

  13. Flannerz

    Flannerz Rapey

    Re: New Spurs kit

    Won't the sash disrupt the sponsors logo?
  14. mad


    Re: New Spurs kit

    i got mine ages ago as i'm a bit of a bayern fan anyway. Is there going to be a pub with the right kind of atmosphere (not chelsea) anywhere to watch it in.

  15. Sibs

    Sibs The Fighting Cock

    New Spurs kit

    See the thread in General Football - thinking a German bar will be a pretty good bet
  16. durbanspur


    Re: New Spurs kit

    this in spurs colours would be awesome... will mock it up quickly.
  17. Thelonious

    Thelonious aka Thelonious World Peace The Fighting Cock


    Re: New Spurs kit

    I thought they were an Argentine side
  18. mad


    Re: New Spurs kit

    Thanks for that, i'm a million times in. i should lookat the other threads more often
  19. Burko


    Re: New Spurs kit

    We should play in skins.

    With Cockerel tattoo'd on our chests.

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