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Harry Kane Injury Update (Norwich)

Discussion in 'Tottenham Hotspur' started by TokyoSpurs, 1 Jan 2013.

  1. TokyoSpurs


    I sorry. I make problem. I leave.

  2. zin


    He played 45 minutes for Norwich in their last game I believe
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  3. TokyoSpurs


    I sorry. I make problem. I leave.
  4. jimmyriggle


    Harry Kane. Big in Japan
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  5. Blanchflower


    He's massive everywhere, literally.
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  6. jimmyriggle


    Who doesn't love 'the hurricane?'
  7. WindyCOYS

    WindyCOYS The Fighting Cock

    He came on vs City and looked really tidy - decent hold up and link play, couple of efforts on goal. Impressive considering how long he has been out.

    Could start today.
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  8. He does start. I like it.
  9. Anurag Jo

    Anurag Jo

    How did he play?
  10. He dived to try to win a penalty.
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  11. MKYid


    ..but he didn't get booked for it because he's not Bale.
  12. Not sure if this has been discussed elsewhere but Kane appears on the EPL Bosman list that was released a few weeks ago.

    You would think that we would extend his contract if the club rates him as a future contributor.
  13. penpen


  14. 1882


    So 'old Jon' Obika clearly wasn't the answer!!
  15. Tucker


    Depends if the question was "Who isn't going to make it as a 1st team striker at spurs?"

    Then Jon Obika definitely is the answer.

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  16. 1882


    I thought it was more of a multiple choice question;

    a) DAWKINS (though I realise he's more of an attacking midfielder)
    b) OBIKA
    c) KANE
  17. Anthony Beale

    Anthony Beale

    D) all of the above

    OOOH i vote D!!!
  18. jimmyriggle



    Yes! The hurricane returns!
  19. TommyD123


    It's not particularly exciting but I'd take him on the bench as an option over Obika or another central midfielder

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