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Brum or Leeds, Who do you want to win tonight?

Discussion in 'Tottenham Hotspur' started by Spurs1882DHW, 15 Jan 2013.

  1. I want the Brum to win for the following reasons:

    Cheaper ticket prices for the away fans - £20.00.

    Commutable distance from where I live in Suffolk.

    Even better chance of beating them, they are struggling near the bottom of the championship.

    My missus wants to go to a match, The normally hostile atmosphere at St. Andrews should be an experience for her.

    Away supporters will get the whole of the Railway End Stand, to create a fantastic atmosphere in.

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  2. ArcspacE

    ArcspacE Chicken Tonight's Nemesis

    Brum for me - hate Leeds
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  3. ollieXcore


    I'm torn - the last time we won the FA Cup in a year not ending in 1 (1982), we beat Leeds in the 4th round, however in the 1962 win we beat 2 teams from the West Midlands conurbation consecutively (Villa/West Brom) on the way to the final.

    Hate Leeds, hate Warnock, hate their cunty fans. So naturally I'd prefer Birmingham.
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  4. I loved that :levylol:
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  5. Don


    Birmmmmmmm plx
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  6. Tucker

    Tucker Ready to believe you

    Birmingham, actual chance of me attending that one, it's not too far, have relatives in the area. Is it going to be an 1882 match either way?
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  7. Thelonious

    Thelonious aka Thelonious World Peace The Fighting Cock

  8. I reckon Brum will be easier​
  9. Park Lane James

    Park Lane James Johan Cruyff is a football genius

    I really want Leeds but I don't think I can afford to go. I might have to give both a miss as this month is gonna be very expensive for me :(
  10. Tricky D

    Tricky D

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  11. Tucker

    Tucker Ready to believe you

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  12. Kris

    Kris Europa League ain't so bad

    I want Brum for me, cheaper and quicker to get to, easier team to beat, nicer fans that still make a decent atmosphere!

    It doesn't have to be an '1882 match' why couldn't we all just sing for 90 minutes?!
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  13. TED

    TED Closed Account

    hate Leeds

    but my cousin can get top level tickets and I need a bender :lennon:
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  15. Seems backwards to me. If I hate a team I want to face them and beat them :harryhmm: just me though.

  16. eggsoakley


    Cant go to either, makes me sad.
  17. Thought I'd be in the minority wanting Brum, obviously not!
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  18. Thelonious

    Thelonious aka Thelonious World Peace The Fighting Cock


    don't care who we get
  19. Leeds are probably on worse form than Bham at the moment, I've seen a few scatterings of #WarnockOut too which is never good.
    Also, Birmingham love a cup run :avblol:
  20. True that, but they are still in playoff contention whereas Brum are like 19th. Warnock would get his players fired up to kick lumps out of us as well. They have Michael Brown playing for them remember.
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