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Meat Men Facing the Chop

Yes, the end is nigh for The Fighting Cock’s adopted southern African team, Botswana Meat Commission FC. As the name suggests, the team is backed by the Botswana Meat Commission, a state-owned company that oversees the country’s beef industry. Unfortunately, the Commission is in financial meltdown and is the subject of a parliamentary inquiry where, like Jack Wilshere in a fighter jet, the accusations are flying thick and fast. Charges include corruption, mismanagement, racial discrimination and embezzlement. Witnesses including BMC insiders and former president of Botswana Sir Ketumile Masire have given evidence to the select committee. A picture is emerging […]

tehTrunk – Always Look on the Bright Side of Spurs

Made to soothe those post season blues and warm your lovely Tottenham hearts… There’s always next season after all… Written by Charlotte ‘Peachy’ Hamilton @charlottepeachy and tehTrunk @tehTrunk Further credit and thanks to our wonderful cast Rakesh Makwana, Matt Slocombe, Sarah Gallen, Tim Grigg, Thelonious Filth, Tom Fisher and Eric Dahms

Why City/Chelsea winning makes me a proud Spurs fan

The email read out in episode 44 of the podcast. Alright Gents. Lots of talk about scum/bluscum reactions to Saturday’s tragedy. Gooner mates have been fine, actually. Sympathetic even, an acknowledgment of the sheer cruelty and injustice of it all. Cheer for City and you might as well cheer the scarcity of oil that’s driving us towards geopolitical meltdown, unjust wars and keeps the boot on the throat of hardworking, decent people. Cheer for bluescum and you might as well cheer the impoverishment of the Siberian peoples and continuing corruption of a major international country. Cheering the playthings, whims and […]

Life as a Football Manager: Prologue

A Football League Trophy runners-up medal, a League 2 Playoff final runners-up medal, and voted 2nd in the League 2 Player of the Year competition. I was always the bridesmaid, and never the bride, but to be honest, it suited me. Expectations were always my biggest downfall, and experiencing gradual success, for it only to be punctured at the last moment has an allure, a fetishised excitement almost. I was no great shakes, but somewhat of a cult hero in my local town. I was club captain, and consistently scored and created goals as we climbed from the non-leagues to […]

Presenting the all new Tottenham Soccer Club badge

From: Cameron Hall Sent: Saturday, 21 April 2012 8:52 AM To: ‘customer.care@tottenhamhotspur.com’ Subject: Presenting the all new Tottenham Soccer Club badge You will probably not read this and I almost guarantee that you will not reply because I do not have a customer number and I now live in Australia, far enough away for it to no longer matter what I think, however you should know that my opinion echoes the thoughts of many, many spurs supporters in the United Kingdom, Australia and around the world. To my beloved Tottenham Hotspur Football Club; In light of recent events, I would […]

tehTrunk – Someone Like Arry

Will he stay? Will he go? Either way he’s done a triffic job… Co-written and produced by tehTrunk and Charlotte ‘Peachy’ Hamilton 2012 Facebook.com/tehtrunk Twitter: @tehtrunk @charlottepeachy

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