Forget the league, let’s win a cup

Is it time to stop worrying about the league and concentrate on the glory a cup victory can bring? As things stand, Will Colwell is tired of aiming for “4th best” and wants us to focus our efforts elsewhere.

The responsibility to support

South African based Jason Fleischer talks us through his White Hart Lane experiences and the responsibility on everyone at White Hart Lane to always support the team.

If you want a different Tottenham, go and get it

Do you feel strongly about Levy, ENIC and the club? Do you want to see change? Are you sure that something has to be done? Then do something about it. Get together, get organised and make your point. Mouthing off on Twitter solves nothing. Razor makes his debut on the front page.

Cesspit to a Cauldron

On a day when supporters were asked to recognise the passing of our greatest manager, James Glanville describes a poisonous atmosphere and his detachment from those around him.

Transition Hotspur

The season hasn’t started as well as many hoped but Billy Macfarlane explains why this should not be a surprise and why we need to support our new manager.

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