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To be or not to be

Finally being offered a season ticket at Spurs is made out to be the ultimate fantasy, but when it actually happens does it live up to the hype? Tim Sowula makes his debut on The Fighting Cock and tells us how it feels to be offered the chance to touch the Holy Grail.

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A welcome win

Winning the first game of the season is always important, but even more so when it means putting a bunch of West Ham fans back in their place. There were some negatives, but we are still in August. Let’s look at the positives.

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An old ground and a new era

Our performances at West Ham are without doubt unpredictable. We have seen the glory of last minute goals and wonder strikes, to the crippling affects of bad lasagna, but perhaps worst of all was last seasons surrender. Karl Harrington believes it is time for revenge and time for a new chapter to begin at Spurs.

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The Fighting Cock predicts

The Fighting Cock is world renowned for it’s tactical insight and understanding the nuances of football. So what do the team and guests predict for Mauricio Pochettino’s first season at the helm? Glory? Disaster? Who have we tipped for an almighty season and who would be the ultimate guest on this season’s pod?

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