Academy buzz

Youth tsar Windy drops some the knowledge on our academy and discusses whether or not there is another “Harry Kane” moment around the corner.

The Carrick effect

Mr Blue makes his debut on The Fighting Cock by taking a look at one of our ex-players. Should we resign Michael Carrick?

Van der Vaart and the gift of fun

SawboSpur1882 from the forum looks at Rafa and remembers the joy he brought to us all. Van der Vaart loved the thrill of scoring and we loved him for that. Forget his hamstrings, his fitness and his faults, remember the joy.

MIA: The Tottenham ITK

Where is the gossip? The leaks? Where is Rivaldo? Is that superstar from FIFA on his way? Charlie Richards takes a look at a rather quiet summer at Spurs.

The Tottenham two percent

Brian Davies makes his debut on The Fighting Cock and gets stuck into Tottenham’s transfer policy. Are we playing Moneyball? Is this the only way we can compete?

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