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Kane and friends will rescue Tottenham

Harry Kane is more than just player, he is someone who represents us and binds the club to us. In an era where players are removed from the average fan, it is glorious to have one of our own leading the line.

Spurs and football used to be fun

Vass Koni has been watching Spurs a long time and there is very little he hasn’t seen but how do the modern Spurs brand compare to the club he grew up watching? Has the fun been sucked from the game?

La 25 Export: It doesn’t have to be glory or guns

In recent weeks we have seen many comments about how people no longer feel part of Spurs and how estranged the club has become from its community, but what happens if you make a stand and try and unite a broken area with football? Across the other side of the world in a poor part of Colombia, two men gave up their day jobs to do just that. Football isn’t more important than life, but it can, in its simplest form give a life to a family, individual and community.

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