If I was Mauricio Pochettino


If you were made boss of Tottenham Hotspur, after touching Daniel Levy’s forehead and running across White Hart Lane and kicking the ball in the net, would would you do? Tbonepremier from the forum gets all serious and drops some tactics. Boom.

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Midfield madness

Spurs currently have nine central midfielders on the books with another looking to join in Morgan Schneiderlin. Toby Skeels looks at the options open to Mauricio Pochettino and argue who could be close to an exit out of the White Hart Lane revolving door.

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Fantasy Hotspur


Over the past few years who have been the players that have captured your imagination and wanted the club to sign? I am not talking about CR7, Messi, Damiao or Zizou, but those players you have coveted in secret and from afar. Who would make your Fantasy Hotspur?

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The Fighting Cock Shop