Podcast S3E36 – The List

The Fighting Cock Podcast

WBA is dissected quicker than Spurs can go 2-0 down. We’ve got the talk of love, Tottenham > Football. Windy carpet bombs your senses with more youth team napalm. Fulham predictions, memories, salutes. Advising your younger self. A load of Klopp. Next seasons calamity today. Also includes some other stuff. Flav. Spooky. Ricky. Guests: Dan Louw and Tim.

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I am, you are, we all are, Erik Lamela

Erik Lamela isn’t missing. He is here with us right now. He has been absorbed by us and become part of us. We failed him, he failed us, Spurs failed everyone. One day I hope we all find each other, not just him.

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Spurs Looney Tunes

I should have learnt that hope is a dangerous emotion as a teenager when I was brutally blown out in a night club, but the older and “wiser” me continues to hope, especially when it comes to Spurs.

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