The kids are alright

With less pressure on Spurs this season, Chris believes this is the perfect time to start bringing through our youth players and building for the future. Yes another transitional season, but this time it’s for real.

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Whiter than Lilywhite

After an England substitute was posted smoking and drinking in Las Vegas, DADAMS_93 ponders whether our stars have been whiter than white, and what are we willing to turn a blind eye to in our hunt for glory?

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Falling in love again

Last year as the final whistle sounded on a disappointing season it felt good to get some space and hypothetically suggest not coming back, but here we are ready for more. Paul Johnson looks deep into his soul and tells us why Spurs matter to him and why he can’t wait to get back to simply supporting the club he loves, top four or not.

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Rival schools

Beale81 stands up and talks about the rivalry between Tottenham and Arsenal. Is it life and death, blood and glory, or is it simply a massive waste of time? Could we save a lot of time and energy by focusing our attention elsewhere?

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The Tottenham way

The Tottenham Way, what exactly is it? Beale81 puts on his Columbo raincoat and investigates whether there is such a thing.

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Operation Warsaw

The Europa League has been largely dismissed by most of the football world, but this year Wilson believes we need to take it seriously. All aboard Operation Warsaw.

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The Fighting Cock Shop