Podcast S4E07 – Strapped for cats

The Fighting Cock Podcast

1882 announcements, Sunderland game reviewed with with optimism, in the wake of the rule 2.10 announcement, what do we want from our owners, Windy drops the knowledge, is Bale a legend or a wolf in sheep’s clothing? Partizan Belgrade and WBA previewed and a question which dumbfounds and astounds. Yidcats: Flav, Ricky, Thelonious & Windy. Love The Shirt

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Lloris for captain?

With Spurs making a huge song and dance about who will be our captain for the season, Liam Keyes returns to The Fighting Cock front page and throws his weight behind Hugo Lloris.

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Is Gareth Bale a Spurs legend?


Gareth Bale, he was born to play for….Atour Toma makes his debut on The Fighting Cock and asks the question: Is Bale a Spurs legend? Agree, disagree? Read before commenting, It helps.

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The Paulinho tactic


It has become quite clear that Paulinho isn’t the player we thought he was, but there is still a role for him at Spurs. He offers us something no one else in our squad does, the ability to cause chaos and run forward. It’s time to unleash the Paulinho Tactical Smoke Bomb.

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