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Episode 27. Newcastle at the Lane, Adebayor’s time-keeping, the race for Champions League, world class Bale, Windy yoof update, the glory of Amsterdam, the glory of Spurs, Susanne Boyle, a fanzine update and a second half appearance that shakes the pod up and slaps it about a bit.

Destroying the mic – Flav, Charlie, Thelonious, Spooky and engineer Al.

Love the shirt.

Bale Newcastle

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The Fighting Cock

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One Response to S2E27 – Gallas Unchained

  1. DAVSPURS 15/02/2013 at 2:03 pm #

    Last night highlighted what we are missing and its a genuine passer of a football someone with vision . This player has to have the ability to keep the ball moving quickly he needs to already have the next pass in his head and hit accurate passes with speed and back spin. he needs to be able to pick players runs and give them the time and space to attack the goal before the penalty area is packed with defenders. Last night we had Parker Dembele Lennon Bale Dempsey leading our attack and throughout the whole game Ady had one killer pass of Dembele . The player i want alongside Dembele and Holtby is Huddlestone the one player who can hit these killer passes our team is crying out for Utd have gone back to Carrick and are leading the league by 12 points. This is my case for bringing Hudds back into our team. No1 we have two of the best wingers in the world in Bale and Lennon with no space and when they finally get in the area its packed with defenders. No2 in the middle we have Dembelea player blessed with pace and he can dribble but if he was in Lennon’s position we would be saying great but no end product. He runs 30 yards at speed with Bale Lennon in front of him waiting for a pass then he stops and lets the chasing defenders get ahead of him and flood the area. No3 We have Parker action man who wins the ball like a terrier and then gives the ball away with a slow weak pass this is the Parker who has returned from a serious Achilles injury not the one who starred along side Modric. So my argument is this we could afford Parker and Sandro when Modric was along side but with him gone the natural players would have been Huddlestone along side Dembelle not Parker because what Huddlestone lacked in the tackle he made up at Corners free kicks defending and killer passes in attack he also scored more than Dembele Parker and Sandro for Spurs. I will be the first to say Huddlestone has not ripped up any trees since he came back from 14 months out but at 26 and with his gifts to open tight marking we need him injury free. We have never dominated to half s of games with these two in midfield Parker Dembele Sandro Dembele. Hudds may not be the fastest for some of our fans but just like a Quarter backis jo is to pt others in space get our strikers in the box without i being packed Jermaine Defoe swears by his passing and if AVB cant see this we will struggle to win if Bale stops scoring. One foot note is Huddelsrones Ankle not fixed because he failed a medical at Stoke and if it is i can understand Avb leaving him out but if its based on our cup exit to over energized Leeds hes sadly wrong. The Premiership and beyond is full of energy boosting highlighted by me and now seconded by Wada testing is not happening enough in football and this is why space is at a premium and why i make a case for a fully fit Hudds to return to beat this extra work rate i no and WA.D.A exists.

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