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Podcast S4E37 – Full of Beans

Flav is back as we wax lyrical about Spurs’ latest pin-up boy, discuss the victory at St James’ Park, and consider a UKIP XI. Windy machine guns knowledge nuggets into your brain, we big up the Saints and Spooky rants about British porn. Fluffers: Flav, Spooky, Windy and Alex from Bristol

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Should we persevere with Paulinho?

There was a time when Paulinho was highly sought after. the combative, box to box whirlwind was meant to be the Samba Lampard, but instead he has stuttered and failed to live up to the hype. Joshua Olsson debates whether we should give him another chance.


The myth about width

Before the Villa game, Vass returned to the front page taking a look at the wide men and wide play at Spurs.


Tantric Hotspur

We are the instant generation. Instant news, pics, tweets, videos and opinions, Spurs however have never been about the quick and satisfying culmination. So why do people continue to tear their hair out at having to wait a little longer? Enjoy the slow build up, eventually we will get there, and if not, who cares? Enjoy the ride.


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