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Podcast S4E12 – Believe In Bobby

This week we’re joined by Kayv from Oh When The Spurs podcast, the Manchester City autopsy, we debate Lamela and Soldado, Windy drops the knowledge, Asteras & Newcastle previewed and we pick our Spurs XI. Love The Shirt. Believers: Kayv, Bardi, Thelonious & Flav

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lamela rabona

Lamela caps a glorious 1882 experience

Often in the Premier League the fans look to the players for inspiration, whilst they in turn wait for us to support. But what happens when both the players and the fans arrive with the determination to inspire each other? Last night at White Hart Lane it happened. Lamela, Kane and co brought the skill, 1882 brought the noise and support. A truly glorious evening.


Big team. Penalty. Red card. Repeat

With the City result slowly fading from our memory, Liam Keyes decides it’s time to have another look at the game. Watch. Review. Repeat. Report. What’s that definition of insanity?


Tottenham softspur

Winning isn’t something that just happens, it’s about preparation, focus and most of all supreme self-belief and determination. Paul Krarup looks at what Spurs need to start winning when it matters.

Spurs Victory

We are Spurs

Perhaps in the aftermath of losing at the Ethidad for the fourth successive time, it’s time to take stock and think about what it is each of us looks for in our team. Pete makes his début and discusses what is glorious about Spurs for him.


A strange addiction

Benjamin Forman makes his début on the Front Page and talks us through the rigours of watching Spurs in a different time zone.


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