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Podcast S4E24 – Basket Of Pie

This week, we are joined by Football Weekly’s Iain MacIntosh, we kick off with an 1882 update, Football Manager confessions, Burnley and Sunderland reviewed, meeting Spurs players, Windy drops the knowledge, Sheffield United and Leicester previewed, baskets of pies, Robbie Savage phlegm, No Fap 2015 update and classic Spurs thunderbastards! Flav, Thelonious Windy and Iain MacIntosh. Love The Shirt

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Erroneous Hotspur

The game was one giant, pulsating mistake from the very moment the team sheet was handed in. Spurs need to stop making these errors quickly otherwise the season may be over by before spring even arrives. Wednesday’s game just got bigger.


The end of Kaboul

Last night there was a seismic shift of power at Spurs. Vertonghen openly questioned Kaboul, his captain, and the crowd audibly supported the Belgian over the Frenchman. What does this mean for Kaboul? Is there a future for him? Does he offer us anything going forward? Has Kaboul gone Kapop?


Burn out

With 100 games to play in the next 21 days, James Harris examines what can be done to help prevent our players burning out.


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